Preview of the city track

Posted on mar 10 ottobre 2017

Hi! Our artist has released some renders of his last track!

As you can see, our next track will be a city.

So, this time you'll drive on asphalt, tight turns, no offroads...

Yes, there are also crossroads! You'll have to be careful, otherwise you may hit other cars!

We're working hard on next release, stay tuned!

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Welcome to the new site

Posted on lun 09 ottobre 2017

Hi! Welcome to the new site! We hope you like it!

We had several issues with the previous one. It was WordPress-based, and after a lot of years there were some minor issues, but they were pretty annoying. Moreover, we wanted to implement a simpler approach, so now we're using Pelican.

NB If you are following us, you may receive notifications for old posts (e.g. emails, social networks' posts, ...). This is expected since some publishing tools will detect the changes and interpret them as new posts. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reading!

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Release 0.7 to ease your September

Posted on sab 09 settembre 2017

September has come and that brings a lot of school memories to the most of us... and especially the romantic ones, of course: we are sweet guys (not the developer, I have to say: he is an heartless monster)! Speaking of heartless people, you may have noticed we are not like that cutie you met as a teenager: what we promise, we give! I agree, you think Yorg is not as much fun as what the cutie promised you, but we still can give you something to play with! And you don't have to do homeworks for us!

In any case, who said it isn't as much fun? Today we are releasing our 0.7 release and it is gorgeous! If you are an habituè of our blog (and why you shouldn't be?) you wouldn't be surprised about what we are going to show you:

That's right! We have weapons and power ups! You asked ...

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Release 0.6

Posted on gio 29 giugno 2017


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Release 0.5

Posted on sab 08 aprile 2017


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